The Consortium of California Herbaria is a gateway to information from California vascular plant specimens that are housed in herbaria throughout the state.
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Completely new records
GH366535 Lotus scoparius (previously Lotus nuttallianus)
JEPS117897 Lupinus bicolor (previously Lupinus polycarpus) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA755354 JEPS117897 CHSC100988
JEPS26639 Arctostaphylos pacifica (previously Arctostaphylos pacifica)
JEPS27358 Arctostaphylos pacifica (previously Arctostaphylos pacifica)
JEPS65411 Lupinus bicolor (previously Lupinus pachylobus)
JEPS98893 Arctostaphylos pacifica (previously Arctostaphylos)
UC1117449 Achnatherum bloomeri (previously Achnatherum) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA155759 UC1117449
UC1147111 Achnatherum bloomeri (previously Achnatherum) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA185286 UC1147111
UC1153792 Achnatherum bloomeri (previously Achnatherum)