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to Freshwater. After a little the wagon road is very bad from teaming. For 2 or 3 miles the wagon road is good, the rest bad. For 5 months after the rains begin it is _winter_. They get paid for their work. It is the same as if they hauled so much gravel to Eureka; they get nothing for the bark. The returns simply pay for labor. There is no Redwood the other side of Mad River [It is interesting that these streams flowing in a northerly direction limit the Eastern trend of Redwood; until you get near enough [illeg.--by context it should be "to the" but looks like "s."] ocean the Redwood does not
Aug. 1, 1902

cross them. Perhaps the point at which the Redwood crosses Mad and other rivers can be more accurately located.]
A little Tan Oak on Mary Blaine--6000 ft. mt--in Trinity Co.
The McKee people at McKee's and Franks can give you information about Tan Oak.
Mr. M.A. Casterlin--The first Tan Oak cut in the county was at Angel's Ranch--20 years ago.
The price of Redwood claims has advanced tremendously in the last few years. In hard times (1894) one could not raise money on Redwood claims - money was so close. I was offered [dollar sign]50.00 per acre for 160 acres a few days ago. I did not take it. I said I would take [dollar sign]150.00 per acre.
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