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Arcata to Eureka
The man (of foreign extraction) with whom we stopped all night at Three Creeks does not "think much" of the Hupa white people. Mr. G. explained that there were only a
few and disposed to be quarrelsome. "Yes," said the man, "I'd rather keep company with a book. When I get tired of a book I can shut it up. When I get tired of a troublesome man and tell him to shut up he is likely to lick me." Remember this is backwoods. [this comment added later]
-Redwood stumps hard to clean from land; Douglas Spruce _ Pine rot off in a few years and can be pulled out Redwood roots are there to stay since
July 31, 1902.

the wood does not rot in soil and its reproductive powers are so great. Even attempts to haul out the stumps with a steam-donkey are not successful.

--At Eureka the hotel charges 50c. for meals, 50 cents for beds--the usual or at least minimum rate for the "first-class" hotel in California. This rate is for the regular run of travelers; but country people from the back country, say Hupa way, are charged 25 cents.
--I bought a set of pictures of Ericoson [Ericasm?? Ericason??] at Arcata: the pictures are numbered with the notes on the following page:--
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