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San Miguelito Rancho
c. 1200 ft. Near Jolon

No. 1626 Clarkia purpurea ssp
This is to be distinguished from _1624 by
its smaller flowers (1/2 as
large and often of a very light pink
or light Sidalcea color. The
buds in _1626 are very small and
one might say that they are hard
to find; the buds in _1624 are
very large, conspicuous and
4-sided. The buds of _1626 are not
obviously or at all 4-sided.
The trouble in distinguishing
comes from _1625 found
with them. All of them have
8-ribbed capsules. There is considerable
variation as to hairiness
of capsule but this is not,
I think, significant as to
distinction of species.

Monterey County
June 15, 1901

- Clarkia elegans, in fl.
- Rubus vitifolius
- Rosa Californica
- Xanthium spinosum
- Verbena prostrata
- Lupinus densiflorus
- Daucus pusillus. The old gentleman,
Dutton, had a box of this, dried,
ready for an emergency. He believes
absolutely in this Rattlesnake
Weed and says he has effected
many cures. The plant may simply
be chewed and the juice swallowed
and also applied poultice-like to
the wound, or made into a tea and
also into a poultice.
- Snowberry, the common sp.
- Emmenanthe penduliflora Bth
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