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- No proper study of plant geography can be made in Cal. until plant distribution is known. There should be plant catalogues (based on spms. [specimens]) of many natural areas in California or of the counties. How well I remember the fat headed railings, the superior criticism of mere lists of mere catalogs. They are extremely important. So far was this spirit carried that journals would not index lists. Zoe says on its index in the back "Simple lists not indexed", thus the most valuable portion of certain contents is unavailable. - June, 1932.
- A good collector: cf. "Notes on the Botanists of Cal. & West Am. [America]" p. 102.
- cf. F.B. 36: 181 et seq.
Collectors are born, not made, in a great degree. A sheer instinct for collecting carries a man far. He must have an inborn gift for knowing where to look and how to treat what he finds. A natural bent may undoubtedly become highly cultivated; slight powers many, doubtless, be improved by intelleigence and devotion.
- How I have struggled to get T. Brandegee localities! I have put down under years the date and locality in those cases where they chance to be on the herbarium label. Twenty years ago I wanted to know the location of Ironwood Well!!
- Numbers should be used in numerical sequence and for the purpose of indentifying a particular collection made at one time in one place. The same Number should never be used again for another collection. Numbers should not be used to
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