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- F.B. - Jepson Field Book, vol. and p. as cited.
- Types and orig. citations, note books of W.L. Jepson, vol. and page as cited.

Exploring for Plants
A Handbook of Directions for making field records, preparing specimens and guiding beginners in the ways of camp and trail.
Willis Linn Jepson
--One of the most important things in making field records is to make good specimens, thoroughgoing, complete, ample . It seems to me reasonable to think that the problems which arose before Sereno Watson and Asa Gray in preparing the Botany of California Gelogical Survey related to incomplete, insufficient, scrappy material; that the defects of the work were caused mainly, largely by utterly inadequate material.

Too much, I think, is made of an achievement based on insufficient data. It has comew to be assumed that that a systematic botanist works with insufficient and incomplete material
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