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- Menzies, A [Archibald] [?cf_ C. F. [Charles Frederick] Newcombe, memorial of Menzies, in Archives of British Columbia, vol. [volume] 5. On May 2, 1793, menzies went ashore at Trinidad, says Newcombe. Menzies' own account of Triunidad is missing form his journal acc [account]. Newcombe. See p. [page] 142

- Hilgard, E. W. [Eugene Woldemar] did a great deal for botany which is why I include his name amongst botanists. This morning I had an interview with Miss Alice Hilgard, the daughter, at her request, in which she talked about Dr. Hilgard's autobiography and told me of many remarkable incidents
of his life. Amongst other things she referred to Chas. [Charles] W. [William] Eliot, President of Harvard, and his visit to Berkeley when he delivered the address on Charter Day. I well remember Eliot on the day of his Charter Day address, especially the great birth mark on his face- the like of which (to that degree) I had never seen before. It seems, according to Miss Hilgard, that Eliot in a portion of his address waved his hand over the audience and interpolated: But that, of course, is something you common people would not understand!"

Faculty persons were angered by so impolite a gesture, but
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