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- Gray, Asa. On his three trips to California Asa Gray collected little. On his last trip it is likely he did not collect at all. This would seem certain from the remark of B. L. Robinson that he was annoyed because people proposed taking him into the field for collecting. At any rate he collected so little and made such scanty specimens or fragmentary ones I cannot believe he had any real powers as a collector. The capability for observation, for studying, for seizing upon features of importance and preserving such with notes and specimens, - the capacity and skill for all this must be developed the same as for
any other kind of work in botany. It is not obvious from any records or field notes that Asa Gray really knew how to collect, how to look for important or striking features or structures in the plant as seen in the field. One must train himself for this kind of work- and to do it really well he must have a passion for it. Gray certainly had no passion for field work.- 1 June 1943.

-- Greene, E. L. See index to Field Books, Volumes 50 to 60.
-- Haenke, Thaddeus. See index to Field Books, Volumes 50 to 60.
-- Greene E. L. [f.] my letter to Dr. H. M. Wheeler, Jepson Correspondence dated June 22, 1943. Andrew D. Rogers tells me that a
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