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Co., May, 1909. "I doubt the locality." -D. D. Keck. Well he may.- WLJ [Willis Linn Jepson] Partly by reason of the habitat, partly by reason of the collector.

- Blankenship, Jos. [Joseph] W. [William] Died at Decoto, July 2, 1938. [?] Science, 92:306 (1940). I sent this note to Science.

- Lemmon, J. [John] G. [Gill] C. [could this be an ampersand??] Harold St. Johns in litt. , Aug. 18, 1941 Bibliography material [There is an arrow pointing to the comma between litt. and Aug. and the note _Jepson Corr_]

-Wislizenus, A. [Adolph] Sketch of the Botany of Dr. A. Wislizenus' Expedition, in Engelmann, Collected Works, p. 396.

-Blankinship, J. [Joseph] W. [William] His name may be turned up on a card in the Biology Library Card Catalogue. This is a reminder that items, entries re. many California botanista may be turned
up on library cards, items that might otherwise be missed. cf. [card file?] also general catalogue in University Library

- Collections of dried plants of California (Am. J. Sci. II, 44:122, - 1867.) Asa Gray.

- Geol. _ Nat. Hist. Survey of Calif., [Geological and Natural History Survey of California] Part III, Botany. Asa
Gray. Am. J. Sci. II, 45:269-272

-Greene, Edw. L [Edward Lee] It is my belief that students at Univ. Cal. [University of California at Berkeley] did not forget Greene. A large number of those who had work with him beyond the elementary course collected for him a little or some more in various parts of the state. None of these students ever forgot him. Contrast this. Students often came to me from Eastern colleges seeking advances status in
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