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Professor Hilgard made a generous interpretation of Eliot's remark, saying he meant or implied there were only a few truly uncommon persons in the world and that all the rest were common. said Hilgard: "It is unthinkable that the President of Harvard, invited to deliver the Charter Day address at the University of California, would deliberately plan to insult the audience."

Hilgard believed, so to speak, in human nature; he looked for the best in human nature; had utmost faith in human nature. Apparently he refused to believe in evil,
or to make record of an unprincipled action. This attitude required a special outlook. Frederick Slate, who wrote the biography of Hilgard for the national Academy of Sciences, once said to me: "Hilgard is subtly diplomatic." July 9,'43

Nuttall, Thos. [Thomas] Reference to, as in North CArolina, in Hooker's London Journal of Botany, 1:13

- Martens, Dr. H., his account of an excursion at Sitka, in Hoker's Bot. Miscellany 2:12, with a prefatory note by A von Chamisso

- Brandegee, K Orthocarpus erianthus [Bth] Ockenden, Fresno
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