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great and joyous surprise. I was young; I had good health; I was employed on an occupation giving great delight. Those first years were years of great happiness and may account for my almost utter disregard of the intense malevolence of Charles Michener. Other persons stirred my anger at times, but not Michener. While I recognized fully his great mental powers, nevertheless I looked upon him as an inferior type-it was simply that I sensed him for what he was and abided by it.

Bioletti and Michener were inseparable. Bioletti never missed a chance to exercise his malevolence on me. In his case it was equally disregarded, and
for somewhat similar reasons in my mind. Curiously he kept up his attempts to hurt me, on meeting me, for a lifetime. In the latter years it took me by surprise-that was all.

My little article on Michener in California Monthly, July, 1946, was designed to trace his death date. It seemed to me that some one college man should know or furnish a means of knowing-but no one has as yet responded with a clue.-July 28, 1946. The Bureau of Vital Statistics, State Board of Health, Sacramento. cf. W.J. Terry, July 3, 1946. In Jepson Correspondence.

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-Butler, Geo. D. American Botany by A.D. Rodgers, p. 134.
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