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going up the steps of the building of the Museum of Comparative Zoology (Louis Agassiz's building) there was Blankinship sweeping down the steps with a broom, the outside steps.
I stopped and talked with him a bit and went on.
Doubtless he lived and did his work under a heavy handicap but anyway he got his Ph.D. degree at Harvard.
Later he was Professor of Botany at the Montana State College of Agriculture.
Doubtless he did not fit in well at that place because he stayed there not long.
In later years he turned up in the upper Sacramento region as an agent in plant physiol[ogy]
[ physiol]ogy of the smelter companies, acting as an expert in connection with the suits for damages brought against them by farmers and landowners.
After that he went to live in Lake County near or on Mt. Konocti, say in the 1920s and during the 1920s he appeared in Berkeley bent on looking up things in our herbarium.
It was during this time he told me of troubles with his wife and fully exonerated himself in his own eyes.
Later still it came to me that he had died-but it took three years, so great was the obscurity of his passing, to learn the place and date.
When it finally came to my knowledge a note was
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