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"Men and Manners." = Private Journal of W.L.J., vol. [volume] and p. [page] as cited.

F.B.="Jepson Field Book," vol. [volume] and p. [page] as cited.

"Berkeley College" (notebook), by W.L.J.

l.c., a short cut way of referring to a work cited in the immediately previous line or paragraph without any regard to author or authority.

Amongst the group of graduate students who had an interest in botany in the days when the Department of Botany was just beginning, 1890-1892, Joseph W. Blankinship must be remembered.
He was very poor in money, independent in spirit and determined in his ideas, so that he seemed a bit eccentric.
He could not study or conform.
The individuality of his opinions about botany somewhat naturally brought him into conflict with Prof. Greene who liked to have from students a becoming deference even or rather especially when they expressed ideas differing from his.
He (B) hit it off well with Prof. Hilgard.
In time Blankinship disappeared from Berkeley.
In 1896 I went to Harvard as a graduate student.
One day when
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