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smiled and let me go back to my seat). She married ___________ Forester of Rio Vista. There was a big oak tree in front of the school. Down the creek below Caleb Wells' place lived a family, the Marshall family with boys. One of these boys was a tall strapping fellow and he would reach up and set his lunch bucket or school bucket in a hole of the tree. A few years ago I visited the site of the school. The oak tree is still there and I noted the hole where the Marshall boy set his lunch pail.

The Christian Church was built at Oilers in 1854. It was moved to Vacaville in 1872. Center School was built in 1868. The first teacher at Center School was Hiram Davis Conwell. He
was also a preacher. I remember that well, because on the first day of school one boy exclaimed: "The teacher is a preacher"! Next teacher, Jerome Banks with the red whiskers. Next: Chas. C. Conrad; Allan P. Sanborn (of the Benicia family; afterwards County Superintendent of Schools); W.P. Welsh; --------- Terry; O.P? Willis; David Meyers; Jeff Meyers. These last three taught only a part of the school year (probably)._ Emerson Wood was there after I left.

"I went to the school at Oilers in 1866. I left Center School in 1874; and went to the People's School in the town. The People's School was next the Christian Church south of the [relatis]; it lasted 1/1/2 years. After that

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