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The Black Gnats
The black gnats came in haying time usually, the latter half of May and early June. Usually they were gone by apricot time. They are an awful nuisance _ they get into one_s ears, around one_s eyes and bite like anything. When I was about 8 years old, myself and Connie Van Meter had to carry firewood a short distance. My armful of sticks prevented use of my hands to fight the biting gnats but I stood it for the fifty feet, dropped the wood and then smashed gnats. Connie could not stand it so short a distance but dropped his armful, scratched for gnats and then picked up his sticks again. The sympathies of the women were with Connie.

At least 10,000 quail perished in the grass fires in nw [northwest] Yolo and sw [south west] Colusa. See clipping from Vacaville Reporter, about July, 1936.

Boy_s ears. A boy always regards his ears as purely personal property. Strongly prejudiced in this matter he resents unnecessary references to them, especially as being dirty. What could be a more unpleasant remark than one coming from a big sister something like this: _Just look at your ears._ That merely shows how utterly unreasonable grown-ups can be. How can a boy look at his (cont. p. 94)

_Reading must bear not only the blossom of delight but the fruits of absorbed and assimilated experience, so that, when called to supreme action, each may act as a man of thought._ _ Sir Ronald Storrs, in London Times Literary Supplem 40: 329 (July 12, 1941).

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