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things we had not at all. Toys and playthings. They lost their ranch which was fine one. Not because of spending money on toys, but because such spending was typical of their general expenditure, and their general expenditure could not be met by the ranch income in those hard years. _ Dec. 27, 1931.

The woodhouse was tightly closed, the bacon hung high and a smoke fire put on the floor, the fire made by the use of grape-vine cuttings.

-Vaca Valley. Proposed flora list. Cf. Men Manners, vol. 12, p. 486.

And I with earth and nightfall
In converse high would stand,
Late, till the west was ashen
And darkness hard at hand
And the eye lost the land.
-A.E. Housman, Last Poems, p. 73.

The Vineyard
How I loved grapes! How expectantly I looked forward for months and months to grape time. It was always the most wonderful time. This earth seemed to me a most wonderful place in which to live because there were such fine vineyards where small boys might feast at will. And when we went away from Anne on wagon journey, for a day or more, regretfully thoughts centered on the vineyard. But there were home vineyards everywhere. And as we passed on driving on the road, how full of enchantment each one seemed. What new and novelly delicious varieties might be there. What allurements were concealed beneath those broad grape leaves. And I marveled that my parents could drive sedately by without even a look. Why

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