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my mother of which I remember four lines:
Many days you have lingered
About my cabin door,
Hard Times, Hard Times,
Come again no more._

Every one who saved their ranches in those days cut out all possible expenses. There were no luxuries or frills of any sort, not even little ones. School books were bought _ that was about all. The wheat in those days was hauled to Suisun and made into flour which was brought back home. The ranch was to a large degree self-sustaining. All the laundry and kitchen soap was manufactured on the ranch. All the children_s clothing, both girls and boys, was made at home. All the beds, bedding and bed-clothes. I never was given a toy. I made (cont. p. 46).

The Animals
Antelope on the plains in early days.
Elk. Cf. _Old-time days in Vaca Valley._
The elk cannot bend the front leg at the knee, and having short legs they are unable to graze. _ Encycl. Britt.
The individual referred to above, p. 140, must have been browsing on the lines of willows in the gulches, I take it.
Cf. _animals_ in Index, p. 205, Old-time days in Vaca Valley.
Manual of the vertebrates of the U.S. Dr. Henry S. Pratt. 1923.
The acorn crop a vital necessity to many animals. Cf. Yos. Nature Notes, vol. 10, no. 11 (Nov. 1931).
_I saw the different things you did
But always you yourself you hid._ = Stevenson.
But I did not feel that way abut the North Wind ! It was like a huge and terrific giant roaring in the sky, always brooding utter destruction. And at Southwest trade, sweet and cool at the end of a fever-heat day, that was like a reassuring angel with soft over hovering wings.

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