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-Turtles _ ever taken by eagles?
-Road Runners in Vaca Valley dirt?
_Buzzards in flocks, roosting?
_Do ground owls move around much at night? _Yes. Coming from Sweeney Creek on Sunday night, back to Little Oak, I saw at two different places a ground owl flying low. _ 1933.

_Query justified by reason of their constant appearance in day time.

The Native Flowers
-cf. an account of Bull Clover or Farded Clover in Jepson Corr. Vol. 20, p. 351.
-cf. top p. 29 ante.
-The beauty of the playas. Cf. F.B. 39:163.
-Lakes of gold; streams of white; the picture of the Douringias _cf. F.B. 32: 199-200).
-Erysinum almost extinct _ used to be common. _R.H. Platt in litt. [literature]. June 15, 1917. This refers to E. asperum.
-Solano County is extremely diverse in its vegetation _ the salt marshes at Suisun, the river lowlands above Rio Vista, the great plain of the central part of the country, the foothills, the Vaca Mountains. Since a corner of the county runs west from Suisun Valley, we have a part of the Napa Range in the county, which gives us floral features different from the characteristic interior vegetation. Rhododendron occidentale has been collected above Green Valley by H. F. Copeland no. 606. There are other things there, not characteristic of typical Solano Co., which I do not recall at the moment.

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