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May Day in the English
It must have been May 1 of 1875, I think that the May Day was held in the English Hills. Possibly a year earlier or later. I was pretty small and not over seven or eight years old. It was a beautiful day _ sunny fleckless sky, bright cool airs, no wind. I remember well the procession of spring wagons and carriages after descending the round hill by the Irishman_s corner on the straight level stretch of road in front of the ranch, afterwards W.W. Smith_s. Probably not Smith_s at that time, tho it may have been. A party of people on this lane tried to pass us on this lane _ and my father_s mettle was stirred immediately. Away we went, the carriage horses flying under the whip, my mother frightened for fear we should over-turn, my sisters on the back seat screaming _ at

least Frances and Mary, the two younger. Finally the race was over, we prevented them from passing us and again we trotted leisurely in the now thick procession of wagons to an oak-dotted glade somewhere behind Owen_s Peak. What a festive scene. Everyone scattered over the clean glade, little groups here and there making ready to enjoy the day, the fresh colors of the girls dresses, the boys in their best clothes, not to speak of the bunting on the candy and lemonade stands. Everyone was talking and visiting and renewing old acquaintance. Then promptly at twelve oclock everyone prepared for lunch = the white cloths spread on the grass and heaped high with the best things to eat _ roast chicken, fried chicken, pies and cakes of all kind and crackly biscuits, doughnuts and shortbread _ cont. p. 161.

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