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the Red Ribbons (Clarkia concinna) on tiny talus of loose fine soil _ all there and many more come down from a distant time and carrying in their habits and in structure hints of far away ages, when the creative processes on the earth worked in blinding brilliance. Yet this day the sun shines bright; faint murmurs of life sound up the slopes and through the chaparral; and the lad, eagerly aglow with the pulse of life all about, hears, albeit unconsciously, _The horns of elf-land faintly blowing,_ tell-tale sounds from earth eras long long past, but in time to be understood by knowing the flowering plants, the dry-land ferns, the see-sawing insects because these bring messages to him from a long-ago when the world was young, though as yet he senses all this only dimly. Nevertheless, on the lads mind is
deeply etched impressions of Nature_s ways and Nature_s methods; _For he on honey-dew hath fed and drunk the milk of Paradise._
Ah yes of paradise _ for the slopes and uplands in the hills, the warm scent of the chaparral form a world utterly different from that of everyday, far away from that we knew everyday _ so far away from men and the doings o men and all the artifacts of men.

Smoke and Haze
_The sun was tempered by a thin blue haze that softened and lent distance to the view._ _ Llewellyn Holland, in Atlantic Mo. [Monthly] 168:92.
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