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through our British forbears, the colonists from the old country.
_The village all declared how much he knew,
Twas certain he could write and cipher too._
-Oliver Goldsmith, Deserted Village.
In Dicken_s Old Curiosity Shop, I think it is, Dicken_s in relating the wanderings of Little Nell and her grandfather, speaks of the schoolmaster and _his little scholars._ _ Nov. 20, 1934.

-My interest in the native plants began very early. In 1884 my sister Frances went on a visit to relatives in Oregon and brought back to me pressed specimens of some plants from Douglas Co. [County].
-First sawmill, about 1841, near Bodega Bay. Forestry notes Univ. Cal. Extension, July, 1939.
-Redwood mill at Bodega, Captain Sutter. - noted in 1846 by Thos. Hartweg in Jour. Lond. Hort. Soc. 2:191.
Today, Christmas Day, I went to the _Carols_ at Leon J. Richardson_s home, 111 Southampton Ave., Berkeley. I fell into conversation with Guy Earl, who said: _In the Suisun Marshes, what I consider to have been Redwood has been brought up in well borings at a depth of 300 feet. Near Cygnus station, at my place there we ran into redwood at 300 feet. We had occasion to put down another well 100 feet distant. At 280 feet the borer ran into wood, - apparently a small limb. I told him to watch for wood at 300 feet. He struck the main trunk at 300 feet. It seemed as if it might be one tree lying horizontally which had been chanced into?? _ Dec. 25, 1934.
_The child_s wonderment of earth.
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