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The Old College Bell
-There is a brief history of the college in the first History of Solano Co. by [no name provided]
-The old college in the village undoubtedly gave an atmosphere to the valley, which has in some slight degree persisted after the college died. The college was a truly classical one, giving Greek, Latin, Philosophy and Mathematics. As to Latin in my own family, cf. p. 11 of _Common Names of California Plants,_ [unknown] notebook.
My sister Frances was a distinguished student in the old college. She had great capacity for study. Broken by some ailment she was taken by my father to Douglas Co., Ore. And was there in 1884, coming home to die shortly after.
The Game of Pile-On
Whenever a wrestling bout started through some chance conflict between two boys on the playground an interested crowd of their playmates soon encircled the wrestlers and gave one or the other or both sundry and sometimes fierce words of hearty encouragement. As the struggle went on the interest became intense, until one boy mastered the other. But if the boy on top held to his triumph too long, then both boys lost, because the school immediately raised the high cry, _Pile on! Pile on! Pile on!_ Everywhere about the school yard the cry pile on! pile on! and pile on!
pile on! pile on! and stray boys cane running. Everyone threw himself full-length on the wrestlers and others on these. Pile on! pile on! pile on! Some danced backwards and then came running to get a high
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