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mask in "Portraits at the Gray Herb." by B. L. Robinson. (Harvard Alumni Bulletin March 5, 1931. Also reproduction of bronze relief of Asa Gray:
- Asa Gray. Made his species Astragalus ineptus on the basis of a flowering [specimen.] That is the type specimen. is in flower only._
- Baker, C.F. cf. Jepson [Correspondence] 22:84
- Murray, William cf. Jepson [Correspondence] 24:376
- Douglas, David cf. W.F. Wilson in [letter] 3-8-32.
- "Medical History of California" by Dr. Henry Harris. Clipping from the S.F. Examiner, April 1932.
- Michener and Bioletti. Their labels cause a great deal of trouble, because they use extremely local place anmes and sometimes without any indication of the general locality. They "made up" some place names.
- Western Collectors: cf. "Types and Original Citations", p. 175 et seq.

_ It is a form of A. lentiginosus.
- Greene, E.L., exalts _ [Bigeloni's] [Florula Bastouriusis] because the author drew up descriptions from living plants and was not "[eruasculate compilation]". Now does it not baffle one that Greene himself in his Man. Bay Ry. and [Fil]. [For] copied descriptions from the [desfused] "Botany of California" which title he always put in quotation marks?
- Lyon, W.S. cf. [Bat, Yaz], Aug and Dec 1886 for his descriptions of Santa Catalina and San Clemente Islands.
- Jones, W. E. "That [referring to his Rivision of Astrogalus] is the [cream] of my life's work." Feb 1932
-Dr. P.E. Botta was the first to have his [spur] of [Sesculus] Californica studied and described as new. (cf. Spach, Ann. Sci. Nat. [ser].2, 2:62 -1834)
- Nuttall, T. at Monterey in March cf. his Silva, 2:62.

_[In] Pitt 2:92.
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