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Bear Valley, San Benito Co., Oct. 9, 1940
No. 20, 245. Hemizonia Lobbii Greene
Dry hillside
Rays yellow.
--I run on northerly to Hollister,--thence to Berkeley, arriving home at 9:30 in the evening; having started from Taft at 6:00 o'clock this morning--and crossed the Coast Range by the most difficult, by far, of all roads in that region.
--Cont. from bottom p. 381. Eremocarpus setigerus. They are, as usual, spaced a little distance and a [sic] first glance they look like small haycocks! It is an example of a native species that has adapted itself to certain agricultural conditions.
Berkeley, Nov. 6, 1940
--After a most beautiful and rather dry October the rains are now starting in for winter apparently.

--Cont. from p. 361 ante at [double asterisk]. For some further details of this meeting see "Man and Manners," vol. 13, p. 339 (Private journal W.L.J.). See p. 394 at [double asterisk].
--Cont. from p. 381 at middle. This Eriogonum with its broad body rather densely topped with inflorescences is now a marked feature of the hillslopes or brushy areas in many places. The "heads" have now turned a deep reddish-brown, so that the shrubs everywhere show up in contrast to chaparral vegetation generally: at the station for 20.243; at Lorenzo Creek; along the upper San Benito River.
--Cont. from Bitterwater Valley, p. 381. Between the "foot of the grade," see p. 381, and Little Rabbit (Cont. p. 384)
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