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Farewell Gap
of the canon and pulling towards a saddle to the extreme right which had for some time been visible. Just this side of the saddle we joined the Coyote Pass Trail and over the saddle fall into the main hail to Mineral King on the headwaters of the Little Kern, leading into Farewell Gap. it was nearing night and the wind flew down the Gap fearfully [eved]. But the colors were magnificent, the red walls on the canon, the green and gray in the canon bottom, and a way up in the sky the granite ridges, the last rays of
Aug 11, 1900.
the sun turning the blocks of granite into irregularly piled-up masses of silver.

Saturday, Aug 11
We camped last night about 1 mile above Broder's Cabin, choosing a little circular spot in a clump of willows which were dense but only about as high as our heads. This morning the water was frozen in the coffeepot. It was an extremely cold night. We got into camp about 6:00 or 6:30. Broke camp this morning at 7:25.
At mineral King I find a letter and University Calendar from Mr. Stone; -I shall get back
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