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Ancient Bed of the

Said one man who had lost a _35.00 range saddle: "I've got the rings that was in my saddle - (and he laughed) - nicest lot of rings you ever saw. You'd never think there's so many rings in a saddle. About 16! (And he haw-hawed) I'll have those to play with now."

Ceanothus pinetorum Cou. is abundant just below Coyote Pass and common from Shotgun to Lion and Burnt Corral Mdws.
Kern. Aug. 4, 1900.

Ler me again sing the praises of Hot Haste. He is a mighty knowing old mule. He makes a good lead mule for our little train. But if we stop he does not go far before he discovers it and then will turn and look back. If he can't see the train he starts back and when he meets us he stops and points his ears at us as if to say: Why I didn't expect to meet anyone here!

Lunched at Lower Funston Meadow where we arrived at 12:10. Called on Mrs. Harvey on the way up at the Soda
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