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Shot-gun Creek

Arrived last night at Shot-gun Creek at 4:45. Visited the Soda Springs the evening before, in the Little Kern. The springs had built up curious mounds 10 or 15 ft. h and then died, apparently choked. One spring sounded as if it were boiling but it gave out no steam or water.

Same, as no. 959. Ivesia of the dry swales; numerous leaflets, spreading cuneate white petals, foliage matting the ground loosely, - stamens 20; common in Pine forests.
August 3, 1900.

Between Shot-gun and the stream where we nooned stretched a pure forest of Pinus Jeffreyi. In some places there was a noticeable number of dead and dying trees. About Lion and Tamarack Meadows there were a few tamaracks and firs. Between Burnt Corral Meadow and Trout Mdw. we saw at intervals of a mile or so, 1 or 2 individuals of Quercus Calif. Near Burnt Corral Mdw. there were about 8 or 12 individuals of Argemone mexicana, the only locality known to Mr. Hopping.
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