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Farewell Gap.

on the cushions, made a very striking picture. Photo taken.

Mr. Hopping tells me that Quercus chrysolepis is the best wood for wagon tongues, axle-trees and for all purposes where great strength is required. Almost impossible to split the wood and it will stand any strain.
Aug. 2, 1900.

Mr. Hopping says there are no Big Tree redwoods anywhere in the Kern River basin. The Tule River comes between the Kaweah and the Kern.

The perennial Gentian that I collected in Farewell Gap has 5 & 6-merous flowers. The annual Gentian is always
4-merous. (cf. F. B. 4-175.)

Localities for Yellow Columbine:
Farewell Gap.
Near the Kebble (Mt. Sullivan to William's Mdws.
Bubb's Creek.
Edge of Granite Basin between South Fork and
Middle Fork Kings.
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