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Davenport's to

Got away at 7:20. Early this morning I noticed Sierra lined up on the road 200 yards out waiting for Hot Haste to join her on the back trail. He, however, was securely tethered.

What is "Gold-Wire"? From Mr. Hopping's description it is probably Hypericum concinnum.

Mr. Hopping tells me about an isolated group of Big Tree redwoods, consisting of 200 or 300 very fine trees, which is to be found at the head of
Farewell Gap, Aug. 2.

Coffee-pot Canon which is across the Kaweah River from (and opposite to) Point Lookout.
There are also Sequoias visible across the canon from Atwell's Mill to [Weishai's] Mill and above nearly to Mineral King. One can detect there trees on the south side of the canon, - standing or riding on the road on the north side - not merely because of their height but by reason of their rounded tops.

- Quercus Breweri, occurs fom Slapjack (4900 ft. alt.) to Davenport's (6150 ft. alt.).
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