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Cold Spring
(East Fork Kaweah River)
Clematis lasiantha - heads of fruit noticed one evening near Lake Canon - looked in the dusk like a plant in flower - trailing over the top of the brush. Called "Pipe Stem". Pith can be run right out and the stem adjusted to the bowl of a pipe.

Mules and this back trail. Our mules hit the back trail with the utmost pertinacity. They will not leave a mare, so it is a good plan to
Aug. 1, 1900

have a mare in the train, and stake or hobble the mare.
- Asclepias vestita = A. eriocarpa Benth. See no. 563. Common along the Kaweah River from [Lemm] Cove to Three Rivers and doubtless higher up. On account of the exceeding fineness of its silky [] which are like satin or floss, the tufts are used as a filling for scent-bags. It is much more desiable than cotton.

Mr. Hopping related to me an incident concerning a mother quail and a dog.
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