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Cambridge, England, Aug. 16
- On Saturday evening, the evening of our arrival there was a general meeting [in the Great Science Hall] of the Congress, Professor A.C. Seward of Cambridge presiding as President. After certain introductory remarks the Vice-Chancellor of the University entered in state, as we all rose, entered in robes, preceded by two robed Fellows carrying silver Maces, followed by one Fellow with a silver mace. Then followed an address of welcome in Latin. After which the Vice-Chancellor departed as he had come, and the meeting resumed its business. After the meeting there was a grand reception in academic and evening dress given by the President and Fellows of St. Johns College which was an extremely crowded affair, though as we overflowed into the green court, that was roomy and pleasant.
August 18, 1930
This moring I went first to the meeting of Sect. E., Phytogeography and Ecology, where a lively symposium occurred on the nature of the [phytomer]: Dr. Anges Arber, very interesing; J.H. Priestly, Leeds, very clear and convincing; K. Domin, good but difficult to follow because his English in public delivery is rather poor; W.H. Lang, Manchester, who talked on the paleo evidence. Lang said a great deal in a qualified tone or cautionary way so that his statements would not be too broad. At this he is expert: I was interested in his phrases: a distant illustrataion or distant analogy of so and so; so and so shown to be highly interesting but not yet well enough known to be received for consideration in such a theory; when we know
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