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Kew, England
what the object was, but it has now gone from me. The sum named may not be correct, but it is a happy sum for the Garden to have and use. Carl Chiristensen, the fern man, was also at the dinner. He is a stocky Scandanavian with a pleasant countenance and a geniune agreeable manner.
- J. H. Miller, University of Georgia, Athens, is here working on some mycological matters. He has brought some sheets of Georgia Amelanciers which not answering to any descriptions he wished me to look at. I did so. They are certainly different from any western-Pacific species, and apparently from any Northeastern U.S. species. They seemed to have good characters and I told him
Aug. 12, 1930.
to name them. It is obvious that Small has not botanized his territory, the territory of his flora, except in a few spots, Florida mainly.
- Cont. from p. 58. Mr. Cotton made some remarks about the new wing for the Herbarium. He said that Dr. Hill had decided that the new wing should be four stories instead of three as in the two previous wings and he thought that Dr. Hill intnded to have some four or five small rooms where those of the staff (without rooms) who were carrying on research could work, for example Huthchinson needs to get on with his flora of West Central Africa. Since Cotton is keeper of the Herbarium, all this has a somewhat strange undertone in it.
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