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Kew Herbarium, England
formal sympathy, whereupon Jones burst out: "Do not say anything like that. This is the first time in twenty-five years that I have had any peace." Maxson was much astonished.
Dr. Grant says that on the occasion of her visit to Notre Dame University, Dr. J.A. Nieuwland said that the Greene Herbarium was a white elephant on their hands. The point is this: Dr. Nieuwland has really quit botany and gone into chemistry and there is no one, therefore, working with the herarium or making any use of it. Dr. Nieuwland remarked that it occupied space much needed for other purposes and that in addition under the conditions of the gift, it was
July 4, 1930
impossible ot make any loans. It would seem, - therefore - , that the bequest might be set aside under court order. I can scarcely conceive that anyone would contest the matter. - July 4, 1930. - Dr. Grant went on to say that the negro servant whom Greene had employed to serve him as a valet had contended that Greene had not paid him for his services and had attached an unmounted collection of 14,000 specimens in the attic, that is caused a court-lien to run against them, for a bill of say _1400, at least a very considerable sum. This part of Greene's herbarium did not, then, move to Notre Dame with the main collection. Dr. Woodson said that Dr. Nieuwland became much concerned as to insects
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