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Slough, England
[Eschscholtzias] I feasted my eyes on many times. It was a large bed of mixed plants. The colors were brought into striking contrasts; they were so lively, so pure, so boldly true, so fresh, so pure- not rich or deep or intense or pastel colors - but fresh, lively and animated - the crimson against the white and the pink against the gold or the yellow. It stirred memories of old-time holidays of days of outing and festival, or picnics of yesteryear and all May Days that ever were.
Let me not forget, too, in the pure Eschscholtzia beds there was a chamois color.
July 17, 1930
Of the Godetias there were of course double ones, and in particular crimson with white tips. The pinks are very fine. The ivory-whites striking.
Of other plants may be noted: Venidium (Composite), S. Africa. Brachycome. Swant River Daisy. Viscaria. Pink Dwarf.

I found Mr. A.P. Balfour a most delightful and likeable gentleman. He took much time and pains in going about with me all over the properties. When I was ready to depart, he insisted on my stopping to take tea. He told a bit about his experiences in the Great War, in showing hospitality to the French officers when camped near each other. He is a graduate of Edinburgh Univ.
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