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Kew Herbarium, England

- The labels of David Douglas are on plain paper lightly ruled in pale blue ink. He underscores the specific name of the binomial, and where it is his own new species he writes after the binomial D.D. He may give a single station where the plant was collected, or he may indicate two stations where he has observed it or collected it. The labels usually have two slits, showing that they were attached to the specimen in the field.
- The Hookers, father and son, saved everything! letters, bills, calling cards, newspaper clippings, fugitive pamphlets. The result for me is highly interesting, so much do I find of "Curiosae Californianae".
- Mrs. Roxanna Ferris. Cont from p 121. She is his own special assistant.
Aug. 30, 1930
- Cont. from p 117. - It is obvious that Fernald is in many places rather unpopular. Dr. A.L. Grant does not like him at all. Two such natures would not hit it off. She says he mistrusts and neglects the women from Radcliffe College, considers them no good as to botany. He does not have to teach them, but Harvard professors are paid extra for teaching Radcliff classes, and Fernald needs the money. Therefore, triumphantly exclaims Dr. Grant, he is not playing the game! The feeling against Fernald (cf. F.B. 50:143) cropped out on the part of the younger element in a compartment of a railway car on the way home from Cambridge. Dr. Rob. Woodson maed some depreciating remarks, as did others, Miss Allan summarizing by saying that any one so imperfect physically as Fernald would show a "complex." I think, perhaps,
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