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Kew Herbarium, England
- Dr. A.W. Hill has just come around to my alcove in the Herbarium telling of a Californian from Eureka or near there who has been to see him, bringing a photograph of a Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) labeled as 2000 years old and straddling another fallen Redwood labeled as 2500 years old. This man, perhaps his name is Collingwood,_ but Dr. Hill did not remember exactly, wished his photograph to be published in the Kew Bulletin; but Hill feels, properly, that the figures of age are too uncertain, too indefinite.
- Cont. from p. 52. One of the younger assistants complained to Sprague about the abuse of the specimens.
_ G.E. Collingwood, says Dr. Hill later. London address: 11 Copthall avenue, E.C.2.
Aug. 29, 1930
- Just introduced to me N.S. Pillans of the Bolus Herbarium, South Africa. We talked a bit about "veld burning" and about "light burning," the former as practiced in South Africa, the latter as propagandized in California. See p. 197.
- Dr. A. L. Grant went down to Bournemouth to see Dr. J. M. Greenman who is ill there. He had several operations in St. Louis, and then decided to come to the International Botanical Congress. When he reached England he had to go into hospital for another operation. Dr. Grant reported that he was recovering rapidly frmo the last operation and was walking a bit. Because of the fact this his appendix burst and that the first operation was not prompt, he ought by all the rules to be dead!
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