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Kew Herbarium, England
Entering the herbarium building by the front door, one finds in the hall or entry-way the walls hung with portraits of Aug. P de Candolle, Robert Brown, Alexander von Humboldt, Alphonse de Candolle, C. B. Clarke
There is a broad landing at the first turn of the stairs. A large glass show-case stands here containing mementos of the Hookers, an autograph letter of Linnaeus, photo of tree trunk in British Cent.[Central] Africa with Livingstone record carved in it.
On the wall is a large oil portrait of George Bentham.
The reception room at the right of the entrance way is hung with portraits of the past directors of Kew, Sir William Hooker, Sir Joseph Hooker, W. J.
Aug. 29, 1930
Thiselton-Dyer (characterized as of the "non passumus" order by J.A. Sprague), Sir David Prain, and Keepers of the Herbarium, Daniel Oliver, J.G. Baker, W.B. Hemsley, Otto Stapf. There is also a portrait of Wm. Aiton, (wuthor of Index Kewensis) and another of his wife.
- M.L. Fernald is provoked by the fact that one member of the New England Botanical Club has been identifying species wrongly by Britton's Illustrated Flora, merely because in the Flora all species are illustrated, and the man found it easier to use the illustration and skip the descriptions. Even worse, here at Kew, the assistants to my astonishment identify specimens wholly by comparing herbarium sheets and not using descriptions or dissections! They often get into the wrong genus or even family!
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