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Cambridge, England
At the meeting of the Taxonomy Section this morning a general Commission on Nomenclature was nominated and voted from each country. The representatives voted from the United States are: J.H. Barnhart, W.R. Maxson, M.L. Fernald, E.D. Merrill, W.L. Jepson. Practically every country on earth was named for representation. When the Chairman asked if the were any more, Prof. Fernald rose and said: "For the celestial regions I nominate Linne; for the infernal regions Rafinesque." Fernald can be very witty and this humorous sally brought forth much laughter.
After the Taxonomy meeting we soon joined the final plenary session where Professor A.C.
Aug. 23, 1930.
Seward presided and put the motions from the various sections. J.A. Sprague had the satisfaction of addressing the great gathering in explanation of the important points changed by the Taxonomy section in the matter of the nomenclatural rules.
The session was a sort of love feast, in addition, in which all sorts and kinds of compliments and expressions of gratitude were voted for hospitality shown, the services of the officers and so on.
The Congress will reconvene in Holland in 1935.
- At table at St. Johns College I became aquainted [sic] with a dark man by my side. He might have come from anywhere. He proved to be Mohammed Abdullah Zaghloul,
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