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Bubb's Creek circa 7500 ft.
(Camp Relief) July 10

Stone notices the Birch_ here and the Juniper. It is
worth noting that the Birch and the Kellogg oak touch hands here
Plenty of Bitter Cherry = Cerasus emarginata & Low Buck Brush_._

No. 790. Crucifer. Annual!

No. 791 Umbellifer. four ft. h.
Dry soil. Several stems from same root (2,3,4). Angelica lineariloba Gray.
No.792. Gooseberry. Ribes amictum Greene
Diffuse shrub. 2 or 3 ft. h. = R. roezlii Regel, not amictum.
_ Betula occidentalis
__ Ceanothus cordulatus.

Fresno Co.
Bubb's Dome. July 10.
Fine Aspen trees, straight and
tall as Lombardy Poplars - 60 ft.
high. Populus trichocarpa with

No. 793. Cichoriacens. Dry rocky
drift. Crepis intermedia

No. 794. Fls. yellow. Umbellifer.
Cymopterus terebinthinus T. & G.

No. 795. Senecio Covillei Greene
No. 796. Erigeron.coulteri Porter. Rays 60 or
more. Meadows.

No. 797. Blue Spike Lupin.
Meadow. Lupinus pratensis Heller.

No. 798. Prunus emarginata Walp. Cherry. Very common
in the rock talus. Bubb's Creek.
6 ft. high

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