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Bubb's Creek Trail
circa 7500 ft.

I was told by Mr. Grempe, an Oakland artist stopping in King's River Canon, that the first cabin in the canon was built 30 years ago. He showed me the ruins of it at the spot where it stood.

Camp Relief - After the disaster we camped two days at the first meadow above the junction of Bubb's Creek and King's
River, S.Fork.

Fresno Co.
July 9, 1900.

No. 779. Geranium Richardsonii F. & T.
Springy places, - also seen at Round Meadow. Petals 7 or 8 lines long. obovate, clawed, at tip often more or less truncate, purplish veined, soft hairy at base.
Root fleshy crowned with several short rootstocks which
bear rhe annual stem and give rise to another one the
next year by a terminal bud.

No. 780. Polygonum douglasii Greene

No. 781. Madia gracilis (Smith) Keck. Fls whitish (no yellow); rays 2 lines long or a trifle more.

No. 782. Agastache verticifolius Bth. Fls. described
previously. See p. 81.

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