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Kern River Canon

Trees: Pinus ponderosa var. Jeffreyi with mostly large cones and wine-colored bark.
Sugar Pine. Cornus pubescens. Tamarack. Fir. Black Oak (Quercus Calif.). [Lithocedrus.] Along the river are no characteristic riparian trees but Populus trichocarpa and low willows.

Have seen nowhere in this region Douglas Spruce or Mahala Mats.

The pines cling all over the sheerest and highest cliffs - the species first mentioned at the top of the page.
July 25, 1900.

I have been enjoying exceedingly the royal feast of wine-colored trunks of Pinus ponderosa (large coned form) var. Jeffreyi. There is every shade out here and there is one more delicately or intensely wine-colored. One can call the tint by no other name. It fits exactly. Seldom as names of colors do fit shades one finds in the wilderness.
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