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Tulare Co.

Whitney Creek. = Volcano Creek = Golden Trout Creek

Along Whitney Creek (=Volcano Creek) are some of the finest Junipers which I ever saw 35 ft. h. and 4&5 ft. through, within 2 ft. of the ground. Took pictures & specimens.
Camped for the night on Whitney Creek.

I do not notice any Fox-Tail pine with drooping branchlets. It must be an uncommon feature.

Fox-tail pine - mast clothed with short branches
-- like a burnt redwood with new short growth.
- Lava Flow on Whitney Creek,
No. 945a Nama rothrockii Gray. Hydrophyll. With _945.
No. 946. Mimulus nanus coccineus Det. A.L.J. --Mulkey Mdw. see descrip. 2 p. back. (p. 147).

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