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May 8, 1926

diam., 85 ft. h. On this tree is a large axe scar, exposing the wood. In the wood is carved: F. Olvertri, 1799. I. Bird, 1837. The latter, says Mr. Buswell, was a missionary in Syria about that time. The first name is much more more deeply carved, 1/4 inch, but in part is not easily decipherable, having apparently been mutilated with an axe a very long time ago.

No. 4. Tree in hollow, NE. of chapel.; trunk diameter 5 ft. 8 in.; 75 ft. h. It is a very symmetrical tree with regular stratified branches and one distinct trunk.

No. 5. Village on plateau across gorge, near Becharre. See p. 14.

No. 6. Pine forest. See no. 11,514 for specimen.
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