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May 9, 1926

white-trunked Poplars.

In the hotel is a French map of the Lebenanon, It gives the Cedars as 1925 meters alt. lf. p. 5 autra.

No. 11,506. Berberis (vulgaris) cretica L. Above Bechard. Spreading bush 1 1/2 ft. h.

No. 11,507. Calycotome villosa (Poir.) Boiss. Leguminous. Low rounded or cushion-like bush 6 to 12 in. high, excessively spiny.

No. 11,508. Allianna orientalis (L.) Boiss. Boraginoid. Becharre.

No. 11,509. Verbascum
Erect, 2 to 4 ft, h. Full. Freely branching. Main stem very leafy below. Becharre.

No. 11,510. Paliurus Spine-Christi Mill.
Exceedingly spiny bush 4 to 7 ft. high. Rounded. Fls. yellow, pale. Valley easterly from Boukra.
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