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Megiddo, Palestine

-Cont. from p. 298. 'Arrabeh was a lovely place to stop. It was with a sense of quiet contentment that I sat on the hillside amidst the dry air and basked in the warm sunshine. It was a scene typical of a quiet country side in Palestine. The wheat stood lush and prosperous and promising in the fields, and the fig trees are just coming into leaf.

At Ramlah Mrs. Jones told me that in the village baking ovens sometimes fragments of stone stick to the bread loaf, whence "he asked for bread and was given a stone.

An auto nearly ran over a 3/4 grown sheep near Damascus Gate but an Arab had rushed in and pulled it out of the way.
April 6, 1926

The sheep was much frightened and refused to be led by the Arab man, its owner, though coaxed and persuaded again and again; finally the Arab took it up into his arms and walked off with it.

At Ramalah I was given a bedroom that gave out northerly. I could see from over the mountains of Moab; and westerly one can see the MEditerranean. cont. from p. 292.

-No. 11,107. Vicia angustigolia L. Lathyrus perhaps. Corolla purple. Banner notched. Wings shorter than banner; keel 1/4 as long as wings, very obtuse, inky-tipped. Upper calyx teeth the longer. Stamens 9 and 1, the single one not very distinct. Syle
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