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Jerusalem, Palestine

you are in no danger when with them. They are a people who investigate first and kill afterwards. But here in this land the Arabs kills first. There is never any doubt of their hatred of the white man. They look like a set of cutthroats and villians [sic] and they are. They are liable to get on my nerves and this is something I shall have to watch out for."

-D. H. Higgins says: "I think it was someone in Nebraska that sent Ryd-
berg (Dr. P. A.) three specimens of Rubus cut from the same plant and Rydberg named them as three distinct species. I had the story from Peterson of Colorado College."

D. H. Higgins is the civil engi-
neer of the Megiddo Expedit-
ion. He presented me to Dr. [Thosdick] of New York, at Ramallah yesterday.


March 29, 1926
--At the American Colony I met Williams, photog. fort Nat. Geog. Mag.
"The French made a bad mess of it in Syria. They should in the first place, have gone in and cleaned up the Druses. They failed to do that and now they want to placate them. The Druses laugh at them. They say to the Druses that they must first lay down their arms and then they will give them local autonomy. The Druses reply: We know a gun when we see it. But who trusts the word of the French. We will rely on our arms". Besides, what can the French do? They can't conquer the Druse territory. There is nothing to capture. The Druses can't be cornered.
Theit (the French) army is terribly inefficient. Their motors get out of gasoline on main-traveled roads
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