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Jaffa, Palestine
Collection of Specimens and Drying.
Very few driers were brought with me from California and I find paper astonishingly scarce in Palestine. Drying out of specimens is a serious problem when one is traveling. In Egypt, traveling, and here, traveling, I spread out the sheets contain- ing specimens singly over the floor in my hotel bedroom. The folder is, of course wet. It air-dries and is then gathered up with the rest and put back in press and strapped down - and the process repeated the following day. That is the folder acts both as an enclosing sheet and a drier. This system works after a fashion - but one must not leave the folder lying out too long. There is less danger in this winter climate in Palestine than in the dry California climate. It

Mar. 22. 1926

was interesting at Jaffa to pick up Polycarpous_ and other plants that are immigrants in California. Dr. Warburg knew the plants very well. He is like a true German Botanist, interested in going into the field. Cont. p. 308

-No. 11,023. Vicia hybrida L.
stems erect; corolla yellow. Jaffa.

Tell-el-Nasbeh - Mar. 28, 1926.

-No. 11,024. Glium tricarne Stockes
Cor. White. Stony hillslope.

-No. 11,025 Istatis aleppica Scop.
Pod 1-seeded

-No. 11,026 Trifolium [clypealum] L.
Calyx with a callous margin or ridge at throat, its tube 10-_nered], its limb 2-lipped with the lower tooth enlarged, green, ovate.

_No. 11,018

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