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appear to acquire a stooped or horizontal position for the body.

In the garden at Robert College is a young Redwood tree. Sequoia sempervirens - about 16 ft. high. It is in a flourishing condition.

We went to the American Embassy and had five minutes with the United States High Commissioner in Turkey, Admiral Bristol. We had no business to transact but Bade had a card of introduction from Commander Ringgold. For myself I should rather have spent the time on the Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn. I had one minute in the bridge but in that minute I drank in the whole scene like a prophet in a vision, like an epic poet transfigured for one moment
Jan. 27, 1926

by a rare vision: the strange nationalities, Cossacks, Kurds, Circassians, Greek priests, Turkish drovers, Syrian peddlers, Armenian merchants - a perfect babel of voices; the curious vehicles, wagons drawn by Turks, carts pulled by buffaloes and other strange street craft. Up stream stretched the Golden Horn while westward toward scores of airy minarets. I could have spent hours saturating myself with this colorful scene - just idling away the hours and studying the tide of humanity, the bizarre flow of nationalities. It is, to me, grotesque to spend only one day in Constantinople!
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