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infirmary is well-equipped and beautifully ordered. The doctor in charge is Dr. B. V. Post, son of the botanist Dr. Post. This Dr. Post is also deeply interested in botany and is Curator of the Natural History Museum. He showed the herbarium, which is well mounted and well ordered, with great pride. HE collected in company with his father and has made an expedition to the summit of Mt. Ararat, 17,000 feet. I was much struck by the resemblance between certain alpine plants that he showed me, such as Draba, to our Sierran alpine plants, as Draba lemmonii. Dr. Post is editing for publication the manuscript of a Flora of the
Jan. 26, 1926

Bosporus written by [blank], a Syrian merchant, who was intensely interested in the native flora, and whose herbarium is now an important part of the herbarium of Robert College. Dt. Post is also planning to get out a new edition of his father's Flora of Syria and Palestine.

The Natural History Museum has an excellent collection of birds and fishes. Dr. Posts' full name is Dr. Bertram Van Dyck Post, Robert College, Constantinople.

Many many nationalities are represented in the college but mainly Greeks, Armenians, and Bulgarians apparently.

Thence we went back into the city. I had the pleasure of hunting out the bridge over the Golden Horn and
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