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Madeira Islands

the central "eye" or cluster of flowers. Bougainvilleas flourished on all the walls; and I saw one wall with Tecoma radicans. At the garden os Reids Hotel is a cactus tress, 15 ft. h. with main axis and many branches forming a rather narrow crown, the branchlets bearing small slabs or joints like an Opuntia. It may well be of the genus Opuntia - at any rate of that subtribe.

A wonderful Bignonia climber is used on walls and trellis in profusion. It flowers so freely as to make fine joyous masses of pale yellow flowers. The flowers are in close clusters - several to many in a cluster.
Jan 14, 1926

The sights in the streets interested me as always: milkboys with a bearing pole across the shoulders and a milk canister at each end, with a variety of measuring cups hung on each. The shops are small and many are real shops, the articles being manufactured on the premises.

The harbor is a rather open one and in very rough weather it would not be possible to land here. the native population brought off all sorts of linen goods to sell, while boys in boats earned an excellent living by diving, not for pennies, but for the dimes and quarters which American passengers threw into the water from the
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